Are you feeling safe and free?

Feeling Safe & Free  is a series of innovative social change programs designed to tackle some of the most pressing social issues in our community.

We provide specially designed programs for young people build their understanding and capacity around personal and relational safety.

We also have specially tailored programs for workplaces to build organisational and psychological safety and wellbeing.

“Marilyn’s talks were a tour de force as a call to arms in tackling domestic violence.”Dr Moya Smith, Western Australia Museum


Find out more about our resources and tips on how to feel safe and free, and about our youth programs.



Find out more about how you can build your capacity to support young people as a parent, educator or professional.

ADULT Programs


Find out about how you can create safer workplaces.


building our strong future leaders

Feeling Safe and Free programs are specially designed to be culturally responsive and safe, and for people with diverse backgrounds, lived experience and abilities.

We work closely with community leaders to build young people's capacity to feel safe and free. We work with emerging young leaders from our culturally rich and diverse communities to build a strong and healthy generation of young people.

building safe workplaces

Our Feeling Safe & Free at Work programs are designed to support workplaces to be psychologically safe. We can tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of individual organisations and for both employers and employees.



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